Welcome to the 2020 Mackrell International Virtual AGM

Mackrell International is a powerful and connected legal network – a ‘family’ of like-minded people bonded by trust, friendship and similar values.  Although we could not meet face to face in London this May, we have shown our normal agility, resilience and strength of purpose to carry on with an AGM anyway, even if it has to be ‘in the cloud'.
In these virtual rooms, you will get a little flavour of what our network is all about.  You’ll find insight, vision, gratitude and recognition, international perspectives, a few smiles and a ‘sign of the times’ competition.  You’ll hear from the leadership team and see some of your fellow lawyers as you’ve never seen them before.
And you’ll get a chance to share your view (literally) and your reflections.  You can also help us share the future for you in the MI Arena by taking our short poll, posting your questions and suggestions, plus messages of support, connection, thanks and even challenge to the rest of the network.
We hope you enjoy the discoveries in the various rooms and that you join us for final thoughts, competition winners and the official ‘closing’ on Thursday 25th June.

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